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Pursuant to article 10 of the 31st December 1917 Law: "fees are determined according to the customs, the client’s situation, the difficulty of the case, the costs incurred by the lawyer, the lawyer's reputation and diligence".

Within that framework, EUROPA AVOCATS has made the commitment to the greatest transparency regarding the billing of the service delivered to its clients. This commitment includes setting out as soon as the first meeting the rules applicable to fees that will be put down in a written agreement.

The proposed fees, depending on the nature of the matter, can provide for a fixed fee for a determined mission, or an hourly rate.

With the client's agreement a performance fee that will partly depend on the outcome of the matter may be applied and will imply a lesser fixed fee.

Moreover, should you have legal expense insurance we invite you to inform you insurance company promptly.

In any case, EUROPA AVOCAT proceeds to foreseeable and transparent billing setting out all its diligence, costs and expenses.

For information purposes only, a fee scale of the commonly practiced fees in most cases is made available :
Indicative price excluding tax
First meeting and verbal advice
80 €
(the fee will be entirely deducted from the final amount should further work be carried out by the firm)
Written advice
200 € per hour
Divorce by mutual consent
from 1 500 € to 2 500 €
Contentious divorce
from 1 500 € to 3 500 €
Family Court (except divorce)
from 800 € to 1 500 €
Tribunal d’instance
(Summary proceedings)
from 700 € to 1 400 €
Tribunal d’instance
(Standard proceedings)
from 800 € to 1 500 €
Tribunal de grande instance
(Summary proceedings)
from 800 € to 1 500 €
Tribunal de grande instance
(Standard proceedings)
from 2 000 € to 3 500 €
Tribunal de commerce (Commercial Court)
(Summary proceedings)
from 1 000 € to 2 000 €
Tribunal de commerce (Commercial Court)
(Standard proceedings)
from 2 000 € to 5 000 €
Juge des loyers commerciaux (Commercial Lease Judge)
from 2 000 € to 4 000 €
Conseil de Prud’hommes (Employment Tribunal)
(Summary proceedings)
from 800 € to 1 500 €
Conseil de Prud’hommes (Employment Tribunal)
(Standard proceedings)
- Bureau de conciliation : 700 €
- Bureau de jugement : from 1 500 € to 3 000 €
Criminal court
- Criminal Law : from 800 € to 2 500 €
- Criminal Business Law : from 1 500 € to 5 000 €
Assistance during police custody or instruction by the investigating magistrate
200 € per hour
Court of assizes
Fixed fee depending on the nature of the case
Tribunal des affaires de sécurité sociale (Social Security Tribunal)
from 1 000 € to 2 500 €
Tribunal administratif (Administrative Court)
(Summary proceedings)
Tribunal administratif (Administrative Court)
(Standard proceedings)
Proceedings before the Court of Appeal
Same as first trial
- Première instance : 600 €
- Appel : 700 €
Assistance to an amicable or judiciary expertise meeting
500 €
Assistance to discussion
200 € per hour
Drafting of legal act and out of courts settlement
200 € per hour
Drafting of leases
from 1 500 € to 2 500 €
Drafting of employment contracts
from 800 € to 1 200 €
Redundancy proceedings and termination by mutual agreement
from 300 € to 600 €
from 800 € to 1 500 €
Commercial property and lease conveyancing
from 1 500 € to 5 000 €
Control conveyancing
from 10 000 € to 25 000 €
Approval of accounts
from 450 € to 750 €


In accordance with articles L 152-1 and following of the Consumer Code, you can, in case of a dispute with a Lawyer, refer to the Consumer Ombudsman for free. His contact details are:

Jérôme Hercé, national consumer ombudsman for Lawyers
22 rue de Londres, 75009 Paris

Email :
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